Olcott Memorial High School

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Coordinates: 13°00′14″N 80°16′04″E / 13.00387°N 80.26785°E / 13.00387; 80.26785

Olcott Memorial High School is a secondary school located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It was started in 1894 by Colonel Olcott. The school was started with intention to provide educational upliftment of Paraiyar children.[1]

It was the first Paraiyar school in the city.[2] After demise of Olcott in 1907, the school was renamed as Olcott Memorial Panchama(Paraiyar) School.[3]

The school provides free education, uniforms, books, and two daily meals to lot of impoverished rural children in Chennai. The school is a portion of Theosophical Society Adyar's charity work. From 1935 to 1998, the school was Government aided. From 1999, Theosophical Society took the responsibility again.[1]


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