Old Santa Fe Depot of Guthrie

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Picture of depot

Old Santa Fe Depot of Guthrie is a railway station in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

The depot now stands empty as of January 2013, and is for sale.[1][2]

This is no longer a working depot. Amtrak does not stop here any longer. Back in the early 1900s, after the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889, there were up to 40 trains stopping here every day. Back then the famous Harvey House restaurant was located here.

The Santa Fe Depot on the east side of the tracks on Guthrie's west side was constructed in 1903. It is 185 ft. long and 85 ft. wide at its widest point. Unlike most frame depots of its time, this is a red brick depot, with a two-story section at the center and one-story wings to each side.

The Harvey Family never lived at this location, although many people make the claim based on sightings of a woman in the upstairs window believed to be Pearl Harvey.


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