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Landmark's functionalist/art deco Forum Kino in Bergen

Ole Landmark (June 15, 1885 – February 7, 1970) was a Norwegian architect. He maintained an architectural firm in Bergen, Norway for nearly 50 years.[1]

Ole Døsen Landmark was born in Bergen. He was the son of Johan Petersberg Landmark (1848-1926) and Monsine Dorothea Døsen (1852-1924). He attended the Trondheim Cathedral School and was educated at the Trondhjems Tekniske Læreanstalt, a predecessor of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He also made several trips to study abroad, including to Sweden, Germany and France. [2]

He established his own practice in Bergen in 1910. Landmark let himself be inspired by a diverse set of architectural styles throughout his career, including roccoco, Empire style and functionalism.He designed a number of monumental buildings in Bergen, particularly during the period 1925-1940. Among his main works are the gallery building for the Rasmus Meyer Collection. Other notable works include the Forum Kino at Kronstad and Bergen Kunsthall at Lille Lungegårdsvann in the center of Bergen. He was appointed a Knight of the 1st Class Order of St. Olav in 1955 and had several foreign orders and awards.[3]



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