Olexiy Yurin

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Olexiy Yurin
Olexiy yurin.jpg
Born Olexiy Yevgenovych Yurin
14 April 1982
Cherkasy, Ukraine
Occupation poet
Nationality Ukrainian
Genre philosophical lyrics, socialist realism
Notable works "На Себе"
Notable awards 2008 - "Слава Нації" (Nation's glory)

Olexiy Yevgenovych Yurin (14 April 1982, Cherkasy, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian poet, pedagogue and interpreter who lives in Bulgaria. His first book of poetry, On yourself, was published in 2008, and his next book, Parampara, was published in 2011. He next wrote a collection of ironic poetry, Are all the women the same?, in 2013. He writes in Ukrainian and English.


Yurin was born in Cherkasy, Ukraine. He studied in the Cherkasy physical mathematical lyceum, later – at the department of the foreign languages of the Cherkasy National University by B. Khmelnytsky. Since 2004 O. Yurin is at the pedagogical work, has the first degree in teaching. Also he worked in the Peace Corps of the American Embassy in Ukraine. Since the end of 2013 Olexiy has been living in Bulgaria.


Future poet tried to write his first poems at the age of 7. In 2008 his first book of poems called “On yourself” appeared in print. That year O. Yurin became the laureate of the National poetic contest “The Nation Glory”. In 2010 he won the Cherkasy regional poetic contest. The poetry of O. In 2011 the new book of poetry "Parampara" appeared, In 2013 - collection of ironical poetry "Are all the women the same?" Yurin is influenced by works of such poets as V. Stus, W-H. Auden, V. Mayakovskiy, J. Brodskiy. The poetry of O. Yurin is marked by emotiveness, philosophy, unusual images and rhymes. He writes in Ukrainian and English, poetry translated into Bulgarian.

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