Miniaceoliva miniacea

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Miniaceoliva miniacea
Oliva miniacea.shell003.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Gastropoda
(unranked): clade Caenogastropoda
clade Hypsogastropoda
clade Neogastropoda
Superfamily: Olivoidea
Family: Olividae
Genus: Miniaceoliva
Species: M. miniacea
Binomial name
Miniaceoliva miniacea
(Röding, 1798)
  • Cylinder erythrostoma (Meuschen, 1787) (non-binomial)
  • Oliva aurantiaca Schumacher, 1817
  • Oliva erythrostoma Lamarck, 1811
  • Oliva erythrostoma var. efasciata Dautzenberg, 1927
  • Oliva erythrostoma var. saturata Dautzenberg, 1927
  • Oliva magnifica Ducros de St. Germain, 1857
  • Oliva masaris Duclos, 1835
  • Oliva messaris Marrat, 1871
  • Oliva miniata Link, H.F., 1807
  • Oliva porphyracea Perry, G., 1811
  • Oliva porphyritica Marrat, 1871
  • Oliva sericea var. johnsoni Higgins, 1919
  • Oliva sericea var. marratti Johnson, 1910
  • Oliva sylvia Duclos, 1845
  • Oliva titea Duclos, 1844
  • Oliva zeilanica Johnson, 1910
  • Oliva (Miniaceoliva) miniacea (Röding, 1798)
  • Oliva (Oliva) erythrostoma Lamarck, J.B.P.A. de, 1811
  • Oliva (Oliva) porphyritica Marrat, F.P., 1870
  • Porphyria miniacea Röding, 1798 (basionym)
  • Porphyria miniata Link, 1807

Miniaceoliva miniacea, common name the Pacific common olive, is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Olividae, the olives.[1]

There are two subspecies:

  • Oliva miniacea berti Terzer, 1986: synonym of Miniaceoliva efasciata berti (Terzer, 1986)
  • Oliva miniacea tremulina Lamarck, 1811: synonym of Miniaceoliva tremulina (Lamarck, 1811)


The length of the shell varies between 45 mm and 100mm.

This species has caused food poisoning with a paralytic toxin in Taiwan in 2002 [2]

Spire of the Pacific Common Olive, Length 7.5 cm, Width 3.6 mm


This species occurs in the Indian Ocean off Chagos, the Mascarene Basin and Mauritius; in the Western Pacific Ocean and in the Andaman Sea.


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