Olive Juice

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Olive Juice
Directed by Ken Hastings
Produced by Nicholas D. Karvounis
Written by Ken Hastings
Starring Leighanne Littrell, James Berlau, Michael Hartson, Ginger King, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean
Release dates
February 6, 2001
Language English

Olive Juice is a romantic comedy shot on location in Mount Dora, Kissimmee and Orlando, Florida. It was the feature film directorial debut for Ken Hastings. It was one of the more significant independent films produced in the Florida film industry.


Leighanne Littrell stars as the spunky Michelle Malloy who feels life is perfect. But she is soon caught unprepared when she learns that her mother has grown ill. The young lady promptly returns to Orlando to visit her sick mother. While she is visiting, Michelle soon learns that her fiancé is not the perfect man that she believed he was. Not only does he have a sordid past but he is also involved in some rather unethical activity. She soon grows depressed as future plans for her living happily ever after now appear doomed.

She soon finds solace with a local pet shop owner who steals her heart with his natural charm and his lovable inventory. Many comedic pratfalls ensue as she tries to fight her true feelings simply because her recent split with her fiancé went so badly.

Technical Specs[edit]

Language: English
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Running Time: 88 Minutes
Rating: PG-13 (contains Adult Language and Sexual Content).


  • Leighanne Littrell as Michelle Malloy
  • James Berlau as Keeler Davis
  • Michael Hartson as Matt
  • Ginger King as Helen Malloy
  • Jay Love as DJ Dan
  • Bette Berlau as Jodi
  • Elizabeth Auten as Shawna
  • Jim R. Coleman as Trace
  • Lisa Sleeper as Cat Lover
  • Ken Rush as Ronnie Dupree
  • Abby Boquiren as Girl Pushing Wheelchair
  • James Martin Kelly as Chef Nico
  • Brian Littrell as Horse-Drawn Carriage Driver
  • A.J. McLean as DJ Naughty
  • Allan Medina as Club Patron
  • Eli Waligora as Bar Patron
  • Cornelia White as 'A**hole' Woman


Production Company
Doubble Troubble Entertainment
From Within Productions, Inc.

Written and Directed by
Ken Hastings

Produced by
Nicholas D. Karvounis

Associated Produced by
Mark Anthony Galluzzo and Leighanne Littrell

Original Music by
Brett Laurence
Jason Libs
Michael Tschanz

Cinematography by
Alex D. Karvounis

Film Editing by
Alex D. Karvounis
Nicholas D. Karvounis

Production Design by
Neil Norman

Art Direction by
Ben Daseler

Costume Design by
Cynthia Nordstrom

Production Management
Larry A. Lee

Art Department
Kimberly Burke


  • Brian Littrell and A.J. McLean are both members of the Backstreet Boys.
  • When one silently mouths the words olive juice, it appears they are saying 'I love you', this is likely the reason for the name of the film, since the 'olive juice' as 'I love you' was widely known before the film was released.

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