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Olive Thorne Miller.

Harriet Mann Miller (1831–1918) was a naturalist, ornithologist and children's writer.

Career overview[edit]

Harriet was the eldest of four children born to Seth Mann and Mary (Holbrook) in Auburn, New York. She became an author who sometimes wrote under the pseudonym Olive Thorne Miller.[1] In addition to writing on birds and their behavior, she contributed to the journal of the Audubon Society.[2] In 1854 she married Watts Todd Miller, and the couple would have four children. Between 1858 and 1869 she gave up writing in order to raise her kids.[3] In 1880 she became an avid bird watcher.[3] She was a proponent of the movement to prevent hunting of birds for use of their plumes in the millinery trade.[2] After the death of her husband in 1904, she moved to Los Angeles.[3]


  • Sick and in Prison (1873)
  • Little Folks (1879)
  • Little Folks in Feathers and Fur, and Others in Neither (1880)
  • Queer Pets at Marcy's (1880)
  • Nimpo's Troubles (1880)
  • The Bird of Solitude (1884)
  • A Bit of Bird-life (1885)
  • A Ruffian in Feathers (1885)
  • Bird Ways (1885)
  • Queer Pets and their Doings (1885)
  • Flutterbudget (1887)
  • In Nesting Time (1888)
  • The Woman's Club: a Practical Guide and Hand-book (1891)
  • Little Brothers of the Air (1893)
  • A Bird-Lover in the West (1894)
  • Our Home Pets: How to Keep them Well and Happy (1894)
  • Four-handed Folk (1896)
  • The First Book of Birds (1899)
  • The Second Book of Birds: Bird Families (1901)
  • With the Birds in Maine (1904)
  • Kristy's Surprise Party (1905)
  • What Happened to Barbara (1907)
  • The Children's Book of Birds (1915)


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