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Anton Gill
Born Ilford, Essex, United Kingdom
Occupation Writer
Genre Contemporary history, fiction

Anton Gill is a British writer of historical fiction and nonfiction. He won the H. H. Wingate Award for non-fiction for “The Journey Back From Hell”, an account of the lives of survivors after their liberation from Nazi concentration camps.

Personal life[edit]

Gill was born in Ilford, Essex, and educated at Chigwell School and Clare College, Cambridge. He started writing professionally in 1984 after fifteen years in the theatre. His books range from contemporary history to biography and fiction, and so far he has published over forty of them. He lives in London with his wife, the actress Marji Campi. Outside writing his chief interests are travel and art.[1]


Gill worked for The English Stage Company at the Royal Court, and was a Drama Officer at the Arts Council of Great Britain, before writing and directing plays and features for radio and becoming a Senior Drama Producer with the BBC. He has devoted the last quarter of a century to a range of fiction and non-fiction, specialising in contemporary history – including accounts of the survivors of the Nazi concentration camps, the German resistance to Hitler, and Berlin between the two world wars – but also producing four biographies and several successful works of fiction. He is the award-winning author of The Journey Back From Hell, Peggy Guggenheim, Il Gigante, as well as a perennially popular series of mystery novels set in Ancient Egypt. His most recent series, City of Gold and The Sacred Scroll are thrilling mysteries set in different periods of modern history. His horror-thriller, The Accursed, set in Nero's Rome, appeared in 2013, and his novel set against the background of the German resistance in Nazi Germany, Into Darkness, appeared in 2015.[2]