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Oliver Twist is a novel by Charles Dickens.

Oliver Twist may also refer to:



Other adaptations from Dickens' novel Oliver Twist[edit]



  • "Oliver Twist" (Vaughn De Leath song), 1921 song written by singer Vaughn De Leath, to accompany the 1922 silent film with child actor Jackie Coogan, in 1921 first song broadcast from New York to London
  • "Oliver Twist", instrumental composed by Arnold Bax, recorded by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, from 1948 film score by Bax
  • "Oliver Twist", song by Lionel Hampton, composed by Lionel Hampton, from 1958 album Golden Vibes
  • "Oliver Twist", song by Eva Pilarová, with Waldemar Matuška, Karel Štědrý, composed by K. Mareš, R. Černý, Supraphon Records 1962
  • "Oliver Twist", song by Rod McKuen, written by Gladys Shelley and Rod McKuen 1962
  • "Oliver Twist", song by Avey Tare from Down There
  • "Oliver Twist" (D'banj song), a 2012 song by Nigerian artist D'banj
  • "Oliver's Twist", a 1961 song by Bob Miller and the Millermen

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