Olivier Danvy

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Olivier Danvy
Olivier Danvy ICFP 2008.jpg
Olivier Danvy at the ICFP 2008 conference.
Residence Denmark
Nationality French
Fields Computer science
Institutions BRICS, Aarhus University
Alma mater Université Paris VI – Pierre et Marie Curie[1]
Doctoral advisor Bernard Robinet & Emmanuel Saint-James[1]
Doctoral students Charles Consel, John Hatcliff, et al.[1]
Known for Partial evaluation, continuations

Olivier Danvy is a French computer scientist specializing in programming languages, partial evaluation, and continuations at the University of Aarhus in Denmark.

Danvy received his PhD degree from the Université Paris VI in 1986.[1] He is notable for the number of scientific papers which acknowledge his help. Writing in Nature, editor Declan Butler reports on an analysis of acknowledgments on nearly one third of a million scientific papers and reports that Danvy is "the most thanked person in computer science".[2]

Danvy himself is quoted as being "stunned to find my name at the top of the list", ascribing his position to a "series of coincidences": he is multidisciplinary, is well travelled, is part of an international PhD programme, is a networker, and belongs to a university department with a long tradition of having many international visitors.[2]


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