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Olonka (Russian: Олонка) is a river in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. It gave the name to the town of Olonets by the river and eventuallty to the surrounding territory (Olonets Governorate, Olonets Krai, now Olonetsky District).

The 1906 Russian Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary writes that Olonka flows from Lake Topornoye, through lakes Vagvozero, Utozero and Torosozero, and eventually to Lake Ladoga.[1] In modern topographical maps of the area the flow between Topornoye and Utozero is referred to as River Topornaya (Река Топорная)[2] The highest point of this drainage chain is Kaskozero, which overspills into Lake Pyyre Järvi (Pyureyarvi, Пюреярви), which is connected by a shallow creek to Topornoye.[3]

Most important tributaries are Megrega (by Olonets) and Tuksa rivers.[1]


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