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Coat of arms of Olst
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 52°20′16″N 6°6′39″E / 52.33778°N 6.11083°E / 52.33778; 6.11083
Country Netherlands
Province Overijssel
Municipality Olst-Wijhe
Population (2009) 5,066

Olst is a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel, about 7 km north of Deventer. It is located in the municipality of Olst-Wijhe,

Until 2002, Olst was the seat of the municipality of the same name. The municipality was merged with that of Wijhe in 2001, keeping the name of the largest constituent part (Olst), until it was renamed Olst-Wijhe a year later.[1]


  • Railway station: Olst


  1. ^ Ad van der Meer and Onno Boonstra, Repertorium van Nederlandse gemeenten, KNAW, 2006.

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Coordinates: 52°20′N 6°07′E / 52.333°N 6.117°E / 52.333; 6.117