Oluf Borch de Schouboe

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Oluf Borch de Schouboe (5 June 1777 – 21 December 1844) was the Norwegian civil servant and government official. [1]

Schouboe was born in Bergen, Norway. As the son of Councillor of State Christian de Schouboe (1737-1789) and Anna Magdalena Müller (1751-1785), he belonged to the Norwegian aristocracy. He completed his legal examination at the University of Copenhagen in 1801. He then served as magistrate at Nykøbing Falster and Elsinore. In 1810, he was appointed district governor in Stavanger. From 1812, he served in Kristiansand where he was district governor (1812-15). He was district governor at Lister and Mandal in Vest-Agder (1815-1836).[2]

He served as Minister of Education and Church Affairs in 1836, 1839–1840, and 1843–1844, Minister of Auditing in 1838–1839 and 1841–1842, Minister of the Army in 1839 and 1842–1843, and member of the Council of State Division in Stockholm in 1837–1838, 1840–1841, and 1844.[3]


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