Olympiakos Neon Liosion

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Olympiakos Neon Liosion
Olympiakos N.L. logo
Founded 1952
Ground Municipal Stadium Of Ilion
Chairman Zaharias Chatzis

Olympiakos Neon Liosion is a Greek football club based in Ilio. The team was founded in 1952, when the city was named Nea Liosia. The home stadium of the team is the National Sports Center Of Ilion.

They team participated seven times in the Beta Ethniki between 1974 and 1981.[1]


  • Record without relegations: 27 seasons (between 1952 and 1979)
  • Attica FCA (EPSA) winner (2):
  • 1994-95, 2006-07 (co-champion)
  • Attica FCA (EPSA) second place: 1966-67 and 1972-73 (entries into the Second Division), 1991-92 (entry into the Third Division)


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