Asgard (crater)

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In this Galileo image, Asgard is centered in the pale region, just to the upper right of the image center, with surrounding concentric rings. Utgard is a smaller multi-ring structure superposed on the northern part of Asgard. The bright features are more recent impact craters, including Burr near the top, Tornarsuk at right, Njord below Tornarsuk, and Omol' above Tornarsuk to the right of Burr.
Textured Terrain in Callisto's Asgard Basin.

Asgard is the second largest multi-ring structure (impact crater) on Jupiter's moon Callisto, measuring 1600 km in diameter.[1] It is named after Asgard, the realm of the gods in Norse mythology. The central part of Asgard is dominated by the domed Doh impact crater.

A smaller multi-ring structure is superposed on the northern part of Asgard. It is called Utgard (also from Norse mythology) and measures ~600 km in diameter.[1] Utgard is the fourth largest multi-ring feature on Callisto. A substantial part of the central region of Utgard is covered with deposits from the relatively young Burr crater.


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