On the Top of the Cherry Tree

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Горе на черешата
Gore na chereshata
On the Top of the Cherry Tree
On the Top of the Cherry Tree.jpg
Directed by Mariana Evstatieva — Biolcheva
Written by Rada Moskova
Starring Veselin Prahov
Todor Trankarov
Konstantin Kotsev
Anton Gorchev
Cinematography Atanas Tasev
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
Country Bulgaria
Language Bulgarian

On the Top of the Cherry Tree (Bulgarian: Горе на черешата / Gore na chereshata) is a Bulgarian comedy-drama film released in 1984, directed by Mariana Evstatieva — Biolcheva, starring Veselin Prahov, Todor Trankarov, Konstantin Kotsev and Anton Gorchev.

The movie is in the scope of the so-called “Childhood genre”, featuring children in the main parts. In some way it is a sequel of A Dog in a Drawer released two years earlier, both films written by Rada Moskova and starring the child actor Veselin Prahov. The main characters are again urban kids and teenagers with busy parents. They wander in the neighborhood in search of stories, usually using their unadulterated imagination. On the Top of the Cherry Tree strengthened Prahov's status as a superstar of the Bulgarian cinema from the 1980s. The movie became one of the hits of that time.


In the roles of the children are:

  • Veselin Prahov as Lin
  • Todor Trankarov as Tony
  • Tsvetana Uzunova as Ina
  • Emil Dimitrov as Emil

In the roles of the adults are:



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