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A One Man Army is a heavily armed and well-trained soldier (e.g. In action films, see John Rambo, John Matrix, Matt Hunter or John McClane). Usually he has enough muscles, brains, tactics and daring to face and defeat countless enemies by himself, hence the term: a single soldier who is worth an entire army due to his extreme combat competence.

One Man Army may also refer to:



  • Simo Häyhä, better known as White Death, fought for Finland during the Soviet-Finnish Winter War, holding a record for both most confirmed kills in any major war (505), and gaining rank faster than any other soldier in Finland's army
  • Audie Murphy, a real life American WWII hero turned actor who fought in the European theater of operations and served as inspiration for the creation of the fictional character John Rambo.
  • John Basilone, a famous Marine who received both the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross during the Pacific theater of operations in World War II.
  • Jezper Söderlund, known as "One Man Army", a Swedish record producer
  • Arthur W. Wermuth, known as the One Man Army of Bataan for his actions against the Japanese in the Philippines
  • Pedro Francisco, Portuguese born soldier, known for his heroic feats against the British on the American Independence War, referred by George Washington as a "One Man Army".
  • Iron Man, a fictional comic book character who uses a power suit to fight much more effectively than a regular soldier.