One More Time (book)

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One More Time
One More Time (Carol Burnett book cover).jpg
One More Time (2003 edition cover)
AuthorCarol Burnett
CountryUnited States
PublisherRandom House Trade Paperbacks
Publication date
September 12, 1986; August 12, 2003
Media typeAudiobook (1986 Warner audiotape), Ebook, Print
Pages359 (1st ed. hardcover); 400 (2nd ed. paperback)

One More Time is a memoir by comedian Carol Burnett. It was published by Random House in 1986 and became a New York Times non-fiction bestseller.

Burnett spent her childhood in a Depression-scarred Hollywood neighborhood, where she lived in a dingy single-room apartment with her grandmother, a hypochondriac devoted to Christian Science. The child of alcoholic parents - a mother who fantasized about success in Tinseltown and a father who eventually was committed to a public sanatorium - she constantly daydreamed about a show business career while at the same time realizing the odds of achieving one were very much against her, until a mysterious benefactor financed her move to New York City. In this book, she presents a coming of age tale that's humorous, heartbreaking, and hopeful.

The book served as the basis for the play Hollywood Arms, which Burnett co-wrote with her daughter Carrie Hamilton.[1]


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