One Nationwide Plaza

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One Nationwide Plaza
One Nationwide Plaza at night
General information
Status Complete
Location Columbus, Ohio
Coordinates 39°58′06″N 83°00′09″W / 39.968462°N 83.002449°W / 39.968462; -83.002449Coordinates: 39°58′06″N 83°00′09″W / 39.968462°N 83.002449°W / 39.968462; -83.002449
Completed 1977

One Nationwide Plaza is a 40-story skyscraper in Columbus, Ohio that is the headquarters of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. It is part of the complex of buildings known as Nationwide Plaza.

Nationwide outgrew its famous 246 Building by the 1970s and work began on a new headquarters for the company. In 1977, the 146 m (485 ft) building was completed. The building is located at the corner of N. High Street and what is now Nationwide Blvd. on the northern edge of downtown Columbus, Ohio. The name reflects its street address, since the building's front entrance is off its own Nationwide Plaza drive.

The building was designed by Brubaker/Brandt (which also designed Rhodes State Office Tower, the tallest building in Columbus) and Harrison & Abramovitz.[1] The facade is dark vertical steel ribs bordered by white limestone ends (a lot like the world trade center) and follows the modernist style. At night, it is lighted with blue spotlights, mimicking the blue box logo of Nationwide Mutual Insurance, also in December they set the interior lights so that it reads "happy holidays" on the out side of the building, they also do the same but with a heart, on valentines day. The glass elevator on the side of the building (installed by Otis elevator company) is an express elevator (meaning that it skipped all office floors) went up to a restaurant on the 38th floor of the building, called One Nation. One Nation lasted many years, but closed in 1997, and the glass elevator is permanently out of service.

One Nationwide was the first of several buildings known collectively as Nationwide Plaza:

  • One Nationwide Plaza, completed in 1977
  • 280 Plaza (also known as Two Nationwide), completed in 1981
  • Three Nationwide Plaza, completed in 1988
  • Four Nationwide Plaza, completed in 2000
  • 10 W.Nationwide Blvd, completed in December 2012


Nationwide World Headquarters sign