One Planet One People

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One Planet One People
The Lookouts - One Planet One People.jpg
Studio album by The Lookouts
Released 1987
Recorded October 1986 at Dangerous Rhythm in Oakland, California
Genre Hardcore punk, punk rock
Length 26:29
Label Lookout! (LK 001)
Producer Kevin Army and The Lookouts
The Lookouts chronology
One Planet One People
Spy Rock Road
(1989)Spy Rock Road1989

One Planet One People is the debut studio album by the American punk rock band The Lookouts. It was released in 1987 through Lookout! Records and was the first ever release on the label. One Planet One People is the first recording featuring Tré Cool of Green Day. Lyrical topics in their songs are religion and establishment, with some silly funny songs.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Larry Livermore, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Why Don't You Die?" 0:41
2. "The Mushroom Is Exploding" (written by Tré Cool) 0:43
3. "Friends of Mine" (written by Kain Kong) 2:25
4. "Mendocino County" 0:51
5. "Downtown" 1:32
6. "Catatonic Society" (written by Kong) 2:09
7. "The Last Time" (written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards; originally performed by The Rolling Stones) 0:58
8. "Death" 0:44
9. "I Wanna Love You (But You Make Me Sick)" 1:38
10. "Recycled Love" 1:43
11. "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (written and originally performed by Bob Dylan) 1:22
12. "Miss Trendy Burrhead" (lyrics written by Linda Lou Wessman) 1:18
13. "My Mom Smokes Pot" 0:42
14. "Nazi Dreams" (written by Kong) 1:11
15. "Fuck Religion" 0:55
16. "Thank the Lord" (written by Kong) 0:45
17. "Fucked Up Kid" (lyrics written by Richard Rochester) 0:37
18. "CAMP Get Out" 0:44
19. "Fourth Reich (Nazi Amerika)" 0:53
20. "Don't Cry for Nicaragua" 1:21
21. "One Planet One People" 2:16
22. "Sometimes" 1:12
Total length: 26:29



  • Kevin Army - producer, engineer
  • The Lookouts - producers
  • Davy Normal - front cover art
  • Larry Livermore - back cover art
  • John Golden - mastering