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One the Juggler was a British alternative rock band. The name was derived from the first Tarot card. It was chosen to complement the band's Gypsy image. [1]

The group signed a record contract with RCA Records in 1982. They had some success in the UK charts and supported artists such as Elvis Costello and Eurythmics. In 1985, a contractual dispute resulted in their last album, produced and played on by Mick Ronson not being promoted. The group disbanded soon afterward.

The band's first album Nearly a Sin was re-released by Angel Air Records on to CD in 2015 and met with positive reviews. [1]


One the Juggler had a number of different line-ups. Musicians who played with the band included the following: [2]

  • Rokko (Raymond Morris), vocals and acoustic guitar
  • Lushi Lee (Jerry Thornton-Jones), bass guitar. Lee later went on to play with Boom Boom Room Now playing in Glamweazel.
  • Colin Minchin (Lin), Lead guitar. Formerly played with Tennis Shoes. Now playing in Glamweazel.
  • Steve Nichol, drums. Nichol formerly played with Eddie and the Hot Rods
  • Mick Rossi, guitar. Rossi had also played with Slaughter and the Dogs
  • MoMo Blackford, guitar. Formerly of Ligotage, and later went on to Nasa.
  • Nigel 'Charlie' Mead, bass. Mead had also played with Mike Scott Waterboys and Slaughter and the Dogs
  • Steve Bray, drums. Bray later went on to play with Squeeze
  • Joe Slythe, drums. Slythe played in Splodgenessabounds under the name 'Desert Island Joe'
  • Mick Ronson, guitar. Ronson produced and played on the group's last album Some Strange Fashion
  • Dave Lowe, drums. Played for 2015 reunion gigs and plays with Glamweazel.


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