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Logo of the Ontario Horticultural Association
Source: Ontario Horticultural Association

The Ontario Horticultural Association (OHA) is a horticultural organization in Ontario, Canada. It was established in 1906 by the Government of Ontario, via an Act in the Ontario Legislature, which split the Agricultural and Horticultural Societies into the Ontario Agricultural Fairs Association and the OHA.

The OHA consists of 19 Districts and 277 autonomous local societies; its executive council has representatives from each district. As of 2009, the OHA counts over 30,000 members.


The OHA, directly or through local horticultural societies, promotes education about horticulture and greater community involvement in local beautification. It achieves this by various means:

  • environmental preservation and restoration;
  • a quarterly society newsletter;
  • support of Ontario Fall Fairs, and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair;
  • supporting and hosting horticultural shows and educational exhibits;
  • supporting a Master Gardener program; and
  • holding an annual convention.

It also encourages and promotes horticultural youth groups.

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