Onychothemis testacea

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Onychothemis testacea
Scientific classification
O. testacea
Binomial name
Onychothemis testacea
Laidlaw, 1902

Onychothemis testacea,[2] Stellate river hawk,[3] riverhawker,[4] is a species of dragonfly in the family Libellulidae. It is widespread in many Asian countries.[1][5]


It is a medium sized dragonfly with bottle-green eyes. Its thorax is dark metallic-blue, marked with citron-yellow. There is a narrow mid-dorsal carina, a humeral spot and a narrow stripe on mesepimeron. Abdomen is black, marked with citron-yellow. Segment 1 has a triangular spot on mid-dorsum. Ssegment 2 has a small diamond-shaped spot on mid-dorsum. Segment 3 has its base dorsally and sub-dorsally narrow yellow and a stellate spot on mid-dorsum. Segments 4 to 9 are similar to 3; but the lateral spots much smaller. Segment 10 is entirely black. Anal appendages are black. Female is similar to the male.[6]


It breeds in streams in forest or at its margins. This is a very fast flying dragonfly of forested streams. Males usually perch on dry twigs and other similar vantage points over streams and aggressively chase other dragonflies entering their territory.[6][7][3][4]

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