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IndustryBig Data
HeadquartersBoston, MA and Paris, France
Key people
Jean-Marc Lazard, Franck Carassus, David Thoumas
Number of employees

OpenDataSoft is a private software company specialized in transforming structured data into API and visualizations. Founded in 2011, OpenDataSoft targets non-technical users who wish to share and visualize data related to various topics (government data, economy, health, education, culture, transport, energy and environment).

OpenDataSoft allows restricted and open sharing ecosystems like open data portals.


OpenDataSoft is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and Paris, France, with offices also in Cary (North Carolina) and San Francisco (California).

In 2014, the company joined the ODI start-up program[1] to promote open data for public organizations. In November 2014, the Electronic Business Group nominated OpenDataSoft in its top-ten most innovative French startups.[2] In May 2016, the company was named an IDC Innovator in the IDC Innovators: Smart City Open Data Platforms, 2016 report.[3]

In February 2015, the company signed its first contract in the United States of America[4] with the city and the county of Durham, North Carolina, USA.[5][6]

OpenDataSoft received an initial venture capital round of $1.7 million from Aurinvest in June 2015.[7][8]

In September 2016, the company opened a North American headquarter in Boston, USA.

In October 2016, OpenDataSoft raised $5.4 Million in Series A funding. Backers included Aster Capital, Salesforce Ventures et Aurinvest.[9]

In October 2017, According to the reports, OpenDataSoft would be launching Open Data America, to release data portals for more than 500 cities across the United States.[10]

Data management and data sharing[edit]

OpenDataSoft provides a cloud-based software for cities, public organizations and companies to host and share their data. Data type includes temporal data, cartographic data (tiles, shapes, clustering), graphs and real-time data (M2M logs).

These data can be made publicly available to citizens, commuters, associations and businesses in order to generate public-interest services. They can also be shared privately within an organization and then be used by employees or business partners.

The company currently provides data portals for Paris, Brussels, Durham County and City,[11] Cary[12] and Chapel Hill.[13]


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