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OpenQM is a MultiValue database developed by Ladybridge Systems in the United Kingdom. The product architect is Martin Phillips.

OpenQM history[edit]

OpenQM was first developed in 1993 as an in-house embedded database. It was released as a full featured runtime and development environment in 2001, initially for Windows and subsequently for Linux. Although primarily a commercial product, an open-source General Public Licence version was released in 2004 for Linux to allow developers to experiment with ideas for possible inclusion in the commercial product. In late 2008, a community-driven site formed to direct a fork of the GPL release that is not associated with Ladybridge Systems, ScarletDME.

OpenQM is dual-licensed, much like MySQL. This allows open-source applications to freely use the software under the GPL, while still allowing commercial users the flexibility, additional functionality, and support of a commercial license.

In 2015, Ladybridge Systems announced that cloud solutions provider, Zumasys, in Irvine, California, had been appointed as the worldwide distributor for the OpenQM MultiValue database product. The design and development of the software will remain with the UK-based, Ladybridge Systems.[1]

Unique Multi-Value features[edit]

OpenQM is a multivalue database, and, as such, shares many aspects in common with similar Pick-descended databases. It also has a number of features not found in most other commercial MV databases, such as auto-sizing of database files, 'binary clean' execution of QMBasic, and, perhaps uniquely in the MV world, object, class and exception handling support in Basic. Support for arbitrarily multi-dimensional data collections was added in 2014 to extend the data model beyond the three dimensions supported by most multi-value systems. This functionality makes creation, parsing or processing of JSON strings very easy, simplifying web development.



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