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Genesi Open Desktop Workstation, built around the Pegasos II.

The Open Desktop Workstation, also referred to as ODW is a PowerPC based computer, by San Antonio-based Genesi. The ODW has an interchangeable CPU card allowing for a wide range of Power Architecture based microprocessors from IBM and Freescale Semiconductor.

It is a standardized version of the Pegasos II. It was the first open source based PowerPC computer and gave PowerPC a host/target development environment. Genesi have released the complete specification (design and component listing) free of charge. The ODW-derived Home Media Center won the Best in Show award at the Freescale Technology Forum in 2005.[1] It also features an ATI certification[2] and a "Ready for IBM Technology" certification.[3]

It supports a variety of operating systems such as MorphOS, Linux, QNX and OpenSolaris. Manufacturing of the ODW have been discontinued in favour for EFIKA.



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