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Openadaptor is a lightweight open source Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software toolkit. It provides a configurable component framework for connecting various disparate systems and middleware implementations, with little or no custom programming.

Developed by Dresdner Kleinwort [1] to integrate its applications with Message-oriented middleware (MOM), whilst avoiding vendor lock-in in the process, Openadaptor has since been open sourced in the first such initiative in the world by an investment bank.

The product was completely re-written in early 2007 to eliminate certain inherent design shortfalls and accommodate standards and technologies that have emerged since its inception in 1997. Continued to be led by Dresdner Kleinwort,[1] the overhauled version is used in its mission-critical production systems to process high volumes of financial data.

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  1. ^ a b Dresdner Kleinwort is a brand of Commerzbank