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Operation or Operations may refer to:

Arts, entertainment and media[edit]

  • Operation (game), a battery-operated board game that challenges dexterity
  • Operation (music), a term used in musical set theory
  • Operations (magazine), Multi-Man Publishing's house organ for articles and discussion about its wargaming products
  • The Operation (film), a 1973 British television film
  • The Operation (1990), a crime, drama, TV movie starring Joe Penny, Lisa Hartman, and Jason Beghe
  • The Operation (1992–1998), a reality television series from TLC
  • The Operation M.D., formerly The Operation, a Canadian garage rock band
  • "Operation", a song by Relient K from The Creepy EP, 2001


Military and law enforcement[edit]

Science and technology[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Anomalous operation, in parapsychology, a term describing a broad category of purported paranormal effects
  • Operation, a word which represents a grammatical relation (i.e., function) or instruction, rather than a term or name
  • Operation of law, a legal term that indicates that a right or liability has been created for a party

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