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Marshal Blücher was the Prussian commander at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. His name is commonly anglicized as "Bluecher". German military history notes two operations named Operation Blücher.

1. In 1918, Operation Blücher was an alternative plan to Heilger Michael. It called for an attack on Allied forces near the Aisne River, scheduled for spring 1918. It is also known as Third Battle of the Aisne, see Spring_Offensive#Blücher-Yorck for its context during the spring offensive

2. In 1942, Operation Blücher was planned as a five-division attack from the Crimean Peninsula across the Kerch Straits into the Caucasus, as part of Operation Blau. It was executed in a much smaller form on 2 September 1942.[1]


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