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Operation Drake (1978–1980) was a round-the-world voyage with the participation of young people from many countries. The voyage was centred on the brigantine Eye of the Wind. She left Plymouth in October 1978 and returned to London two years later, in December 1980.

Named after Sir Francis Drake, who had circumnavigated the world four hundred years before on the Golden Hind. Operation Drake was divided up onto 9 ocean and 1 land based phases, each lasting about 3 months. On each phase, a number of Young Explorers, youngsters aged between seventeen and twenty-four, who were selected from countries all over the world, worked together on serious scientific exploration, research and community projects.

The expedition was mounted by the Scientific Exploration Society, and the expedition leader was Colonel John Blashford-Snell. HRH Charles, Prince of Wales was the Patron of Operation Drake.

Published Books[edit]

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  • "In the Eye of the Wind", by Roger Chapman (Hamish Hamilton, London 1982, ISBN 0-241-10764-4)
  • "Operation Drake - Voyage of Discovery", by Andrew W. Mitchell (Wm Collins & Sons & Co, 1982, ISBN 0-7278-2007-9)

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