Operation Jumelles

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Operation Jumelles
Part of Algerian War
DateJuly 1959 – March 1960
Result French victory
 France Algeria FLN
Commanders and leaders
France Maurice Challe
France Jacques Faure
Algeria Abderrahmane Mira Mokrane Oulhadj
Casualties and losses
213 killed 2,000 killed

Operation Jumelles (English: Operation Binoculars) was a military operation which was part of the Algerian War in Kabylia, Algeria. It lasted from 22 July 1959 to March 1960. It was fought between the FLN and the French Army.


The operations were led by General Challe himself, assisted by General Faure. The French forces had a double mission of pacification (mainly repression) and combat against the ALN. More than 2,000 ALN soldiers were killed, while the French lost 213 men. The operation resulted in the destruction of the ALN structure in the province.