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Ophelia S. Lewis (born 7 November 1961) is a Liberian author and publisher and humanitarian .


Ophelia S. Lewis published her first book, titled My Dear Liberia, a memoir of pre-civil war Liberia, in 2004. Next she published a book of poems, a collection of short stories, a series of children's books and a novel. Lewis was an officiating member of the Liberian Writers Network during its formation in 2005.[1] She has been featured in scholarly publications such as Thinking Classroom: An International Journal of Reading, Writing and Critical Reflections[2] and Sea Breeze: A Journal of Contemporary Liberian Writings.[3]

Lewis' writings can be found on several Liberian literary sites. Over the years she has partnered with Liberian organizations such as Women of Fire, L.A.M.A (Liberian Association of Metro Atlanta) and S.H.A.D.E.S of Liberia to rebuild Liberia and its citizens.[4]

Title Year published
Heart Men (novel) 2011
The Dowry of Virgins & Other Short Stories 2011
"A" is for Africa (children's book) 2010
The Good Manners Alphabet (children's book) 2010
Journeys (collection of poems) 2007
My Dear Liberia (memoirs from the heart) 2004


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