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Minority Leader of
the National Assembly of Cambodia
Kem Sokha (2013).jpg
Kem Sokha

since 16 November 2015
Term length While leader of the largest party not in government
Formation 29 November 2014
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The Minority Leader (Khmer: ប្រធានក្រុមភាគតិច) leads the largest political party not in government in the National Assembly of Cambodia. The Minority Leader acts as a dialogue partner of the Prime Minister. To become an official minority group, a party must secure at least 25% of the popular vote, and the party's leader shall become the Minority Leader.

The role was officially recognized by Parliament in November 2014,[1] making Sam Rainsy the first official Minority Leader.

As in nearly every parliamentary democracy around the world, the Minority Leader comes from the political party with the largest number of seats in the Parliament yet is not in government. The Minority Leader is often seen as a Prime Minister-in-waiting.

List of Minority Leaders[edit]

Name Term began Term ended Party
Sam Rainsy 29 November 2014 16 November 2015 Cambodia National Rescue Party
Kem Sokha (Acting) 16 November 2015 Present

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