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Optical Disc Archive
Optical Disc Archive Logo.jpg
Media typeOptical disc
CapacityUp to 3.3 TB
Developed bySony Corporation
UsageLong-term data storage

Optical Disc Archive is a storage technology that was introduced by the Sony Corporation. It uses removable cartridges, where each cartridge holds 12 optical discs. Each of the internal optical discs is similar to, but not compatible with, a Blu-ray disc. The latest version of the cartridge, that has a total capacity of about 3.3TB, uses discs that hold about 300GB each. The technology was publicly announced [1] on 16 April 2012 during the NAB Show with the first units shipping in February 2013.


Product Introduced Capacity (GB) Write Type
ODC300R 2013 300 Write-Once
ODC300RE 2013 300 Rewritable
ODC600R 2013 600 Write-Once
ODC600RE 2013 600 Rewritable
ODC1200RE 2013 1200 Rewritable
ODC1500R 2013 1500 Write-Once
ODC3300R 2016 3300 Write-Once


Product Introduced Category Maximum Number of Drives Number of Slots
ODS-D55U 2013 Stand Alone Drive 1 N/A
ODS-D77U 2014 Stand Alone Drive 1 N/A
ODS-L10 2013 Small Library 2 10
ODS-L30M 2014 Library Master 2 30
ODS-L60E 2014 Library Extender 4 61
ODS-L100E 2014 Library Extender 0 101


Generation 2 of the Optical Disc Archive technology is scheduled for mid-2016. Generation 2 will increase the cartridge capacity to 3.6TB, the read speed to 2Gbit/s and the write speed (with verification on) to 1Gbit/s.

Media roadmap[edit]

Sony Corporation and Panasonic Corporation on announced on 10 March 2014 their cooperation in producing a new media trademarked as Archival disc. The Archival disc media will be used in future Optical Disc Archive Media to achieve at least 6TB of storage.

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