Ori (Hebrew)

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Gender: Male and female
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: My Light

Ori is a Hebrew given name, which means "my light". It is commonly a male name. A female name with a similar meaning and sound is Orli (meaning "light to me"). The name Ori may refer to:

  • Ori Biton (born 1987), Israeli footballer
  • Ori Calif (born 1977), Israeli lawyer
  • Ori Elon (born 1981), Israeli writer and filmmaker
  • Ori Gersht (born 1967), Israeli photographer
  • Ori Kaplan (born 1969), Israeli musician
  • Ori Kritz (born 1958), Israeli historian
  • Ori Orr (born 1939), Israeli former general and politician
  • Ori Reisman (1924–1991), Israeli painter
  • Ori Shitrit (born 1986), Israeli football player
  • Ori Sivan (born 1963), Israeli director and screenwriter
  • Ori Uzan (born 1978), Israeli football assistant manager and former player
  • Ori Yogev (born 1960), Israeli businessman

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