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Oria may refer to:


  • Oria, Apulia, a town in the Apulia region, Province of Brindisi
  • Oria, Lombardy, a village in the municipality of Valsolda, in the Province of Como


  • Auria, called Oria in Spanish, queen of Pamplona in the 10th century
  • Aurea (given name)
  • In Greek mythology, Oria (Ὀρεία), was a daughter of Thespis and Megamede, and mother of Laomenes.

Other uses[edit]

  • Odia language, predominantly used in the Indian state of Odisha. Also known as Oriya.
  • Oria A genus of noctuid moths
  • SS Oria, three steamship named Oria