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Original Plumbing
Editors-in-chiefAmos Mac, Rocco Kayiatos
First issueSeptember 2009
CountryUnited States of America
Based inBrooklyn, New York
OCLC number535650207

Original Plumbing also known as OP is a quarterly magazine focused on "the culture and lifestyle of transgender men."[1] The magazine was started in September 2009 in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California by editors-in-chief Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos. The magazine is now published and distributed from Brooklyn, New York.[1] Mac and Kayiatos created Original Plumbing to bring visibility to the trans male community. At the time of the magazine's conception, trans men received little to no representation on TV, in mainstream film, or in other “LGB”-focused magazines.[2] It is the aim of Original Plumbing to represent "true diversity in the female-to-male (FTM) trans community; in size, age, body, surgery, hormone use and non-use."[3] Original Plumbing is the first magazine for trans men made by trans men.


The magazine's name refers to the term "original plumbing" as used by transgender people in Craigslist personal ads to indicate they have not had sex reassignment surgery.[4][5] According to Mac, "It is our belief that surgery and hormones don’t necessarily make the man… It’s more than just that. Maybe it’s an attitude, a swagger, a limp wrist, or just an awareness of ones self. Needless to say, there is not just one way to be a trans man."[3]


Original Plumbing's content includes advice, essays, interviews, and erotic/pornographic stories and photographs. OP was influenced by teen magazine aesthetics, vintage physique pictorials, and magazines like BUTT, Straight To Hell, and Physique Pictorial. [6][7] As founding editor and creative director of this project, Mac has photographed the majority of the content within Original Plumbing.[6] Each issue is theme based and limited edition.[8] The magazine is 8" x 10.5" when opened, with a page count of between 52 to 96 pages.[6]


  • No. 01 The Bedroom Issue
  • No. 02 The Hair Issue
  • No. 03 The Health and Safer Sex Issue
  • No. 04 The Workin' Stiff Issue
  • No. 05 The Fashion Issue
  • No. 06 The Schooled Issure
  • No. 07 The Green Issue
  • No. 08 The Family Issue
  • No. 09 The Entertainment Issue
  • No. 10 The Jock Issue
  • No. 11 The Hero Issue
  • No. 12 The Party Issue
  • No. 13 The Atlanta Issue
  • No. 14 The Board Stiff Issue
  • No. 15 The Selfie Issue
  • No. 16 The Lit Issue
  • No. 17 The Tattoo Issue
  • No. 18 The Bathroom Issue
  • No. 19 The Art Issue

The Original Plumbing anthology, featuring the best of all 20 issues, will be published in 2019 by the Feminist Press.[6]


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