Orion Group SA

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Orion Group SA
IndustryEnergy (Oil and Gas)
FoundedParis France
FounderLucien Ebata
Number of locations
DRC, Congo Republic, United States, France, Belgium, Switzerland, RSA
Key people
Lucien Ebata, Andrew Young, Olusegun Obasanjo, Andrea Young
ProductsCrude oil

ORION GROUP SA, founded by Lucien Ebata, is an international investment and petroleum-trading company. Its core business is the marketing of crude oil and refined oil products.


ORION GROUP SA was the result of a 2004 merger between Orion Enterprises and Minières Orion Enterprises, whose combined operations are processing and marketing of alluvial gold ore, jewellery diamonds, crude oil and refined products and logging. The company operates from various branches located in Abidjan, Brazzaville, Geneve and Kinshasa.


Orion Oil LTD[edit]

ORION OIL LTD has gross revenues of over $1.1 billion,[1] and a member of the Infrastructure Partnerships for African Development (iPAD)[2] whose principal activities include the physical trading of crude oil and refined products including diesel, premium gasoline, jet fuel, fuel oil and other petroleum products worldwide and especially all along the African coast, from Senegal to South Africa. It is on both sides of the Congo River, namely Kinshasa, Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville as well as across the West and Central African regions and worldwide.[3] The company landed the largest loan syndication ever completed (as of December 2013) in Central Africa.[4]

Orion Cars[edit]

Orion Cars provides a chauffeur, leasing, car rental and resale service for individuals and companies.

Orion Jet[edit]

This private charter service is Orion’s answer to the scarcity of frequent direct flights within and around Central and Western African regions.

Orion Investments[edit]

Orion has made investments in the construction of pipelines, petrol station, and on-shore and off-shore storage units.

Orion Construction[edit]

This new division of Orion has partnered with a Spanish building technology company to build two factories for the construction of prefabricated houses, one on each bank of the Congo River.

Orion Ecological[edit]

Advocating for sustainable development in collaboration with governments, corporations, agencies, and NGOs to combat the deforestation of the second largest tropical rain forest in the world,[5] located within the Congo basin


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