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Orjuwan is an upscale restaurant and nightclub in Ramallah.

Orjuwan is located in the "fashionable" Ramallah neighborhood of Al-Masyoun.[1] The restaurant was opened in 2009 by two brothers and a sister from the well-known Sakakini family, Sari, Salim; their sister, Katia.[1][2] It offers an Italian-Palestinian fusion cuisine.[1][2]

Co-owner Sari Sakakini told the New York Times, “We wanted to make five-star gourmet Palestinian food.” The restaurant's Italian-trained chefs, Iad Abu Khlaf and Samer Jadoun, are particularly proud of their fusion risottos. Their risotto al maklouba, is made with cauliflower, eggplant and spices.[2]


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