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Not to be confused with Orlando (The Marmalade Cat).

Orlando is a cat that won a stock-picking contest organized in 2012 by the Observer. The cat's owner is Jill Insley, the head of the Consumer Team, which includes both the Guardian's Money section and the Observer's Cash section.[1][2] The contest pitted Orlando against a team of three financial experts and a group of students from The John Warner School, a secondary school in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England. In the contest, Orlando picked stocks by throwing his toy mouse onto a grid labeled with numbers, each of which corresponded to a different company.[3] Each of the three competitors started the contest with £5,000 (the equivalent of about $8000 USD at the time) to spend on stocks, and given a year to maximize the value of their portfolio. Competitors were allowed to switch stocks once every three months.[4] During the year-long contest Orlando's portfolio grew from the initial $8,000 to $8,900, while the investors' team's portfolio grew to only about $8,300.[5]


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