Orm and Cheep

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Orm and Cheep
Country of origin UK
Running time 22 minutes
Original network ITV
Original release 3 October 1983 – 21 April 1985

Orm and Cheep is a 1980s British children's television series that was aimed at the younger viewers of CITV. It used puppets as the main characters (Orm being a worm and Cheep being a bird) and was narrated by Richard Briers. The show was created by Tony Martin, the puppets created by Mary Edwards. There were a total of 26 episodes, which spanned between the years of 1983–1985, each episode consisting of eleven minutes.


Cheep was an infant bird who fell from his nest, prior to learning to fly (the theme tune, "If only Cheep could fly", ensured that Cheep's difficulties in learning to fly became a recurring joke throughout the series). He befriends Orm, a worm who inhabits a subterranean home. Their acquaintances include Snail and Mouse, all friends and foes have a single-word, noun name. Their notable foes include Rat and Crow, who often scheme to consume the pair.


First series Creator - Tony Martin Director - Jan Martin Producer - Jan Martin Executive Producer - David Hamilton Artistic Director - Tony Martin Puppet creator _ Mary Edwards Writer - Guy Hallifax Narrator - Richard Briers Puppeteers - Mary Edwards, Geoff Felix and Ian Thom

Directors Tony Martin and Derek Oliver
Producer David Hamilton
Associate Producer Claire Derry
Writer Guy Hallifax
Narrator Richard Briers
Puppeteers Geoff Felix, Mary Edwards and Ian Thom


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