Orquesta Broadway

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Orquesta Broadway
OriginNew York City, New York, United States
Years active1962 (1962)–1980s

Orquesta Broadway was an American mid-1960s/late 1980s New York-based salsa band.[1] They issued almost 20 albums between 1964 and 1987.[1]

Orquesta Broadway and Típica 73 were two popular New York salsa bands that played in the charanga format.[2]

Some of the famous musicians initially involved were Monguito "El Único", a Cuban nasal-voiced singer (he patterned his vocal style on the Cuban sonero Miguelito Cuní), joined in 1962, when he moved to New York from Mexico, Ronnie Baro, 1992, co-founder of Africando and Roger Dawson, conga drummer (bongos are not typically used in charanga bands).

Their song "El Barrio del Pilar" is considered a type song for the 'marcha' rhythm of the conga drums in salsa.


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