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Orties is a French band[when?] composed of twin sisters, Kincy and Antha.


Based from Paris suburb’s city, Bures-sur-Yvette, they started musical careers at the age of 15. Their name Orties is a reference to Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du mal. They started as a rock Gothic band but soon the project evolved toward rap music combined with French lyrics. The two sisters described the mix of genre, as the Nouvelle Chanson Francaise (New French Song).[1] Orties released their first EP La Boum October 2010 on Believe Music. Their controversial track "Plus Putes Que Toutes Les Putes" (Bitchier than any bitches), remixed by Lecter ( Booty Call Records) was playlisted by Skrillex in his essential mix on BBC Radio.[2] On February 2013, Sextape their first album was released on Nuun Records.[3]

Critical reception[edit]

They received support from Technikart[4] and mainstream press periodic such as Elle Magazine, and Glamour etc.[5][6] In June 2016 they featured four pages on Les Inrockuptibles’ special issue with Michel Houellebecq as main contributor. They released a new single on June 23, 2016, : "SEXEDROGUEHORREUR" as well as a music video directed by Jean Bocheux. Their second Album Nouvelle Chanson Francaise which is scheduled to be released mid 2017.[7]


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