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Origin Brazil
Genres Alternative rock, avant-garde, experimental rock, pop rock, Música popular brasileira
Years active 2002–2003
Labels EMI
Associated acts Titãs, Timbalada
Past members Marisa Monte
Arnaldo Antunes
Carlinhos Brown

Tribalistas were a short-lived but popular brazilian musical supergroup trio consisting of Arnaldo Antunes (ex-Titãs), Marisa Monte and Carlinhos Brown (Timbalada). Their one-off collaboration resulted in the popular album Tribalistas, released in Brazil in late 2002 by EMI and in international territories in 2003. The album attained considerable popularity despite the group never performing any song on TV or giving any radio interviews.

A DVD release featuring the 'making of' and all the tracks on the album was also released internationally. The song "Já Sei Namorar" was featured in the video game FIFA Football 2004 and the song "Velha Infancia" was used as part of the soundtrack of the Brazilian soap opera Mulheres Apaixonadas.

In May 2013, it was announced that the three members would release a song called "Joga Arroz" (Throw Rice), in order express their support for same-sex marriage, though it was not referred to as a revival of the band.[1]



Tribalistas released their first and only album on October 28, 2002.


Year Single Album
2002 "Já Sei Namorar" Tribalistas
2003 "Velha Infância"
"Passe em Casa"
"É você"


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