Osaka Mercantile Exchange

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Osaka Mercantile Exchange (OME) was a futures exchange based in Osaka, Japan.

The exchange was formed on 1 October 1997 from the merger of the Osaka Textile Exchange and the Kobe Rubber Exchange. As of 1 January 2007 it merged into the Central Japan Commodity Exchange (C-COM).

Trading was conducted at six specified session times through the day. Commodities traded were as follows (trading in them now continues at C-COM).

  • Aluminium, for delivery at various warehouses in Japan
  • Nickel, for delivery to designated warehouses
  • RSS3 rubber, for delivery Kobe or Osaka
  • Rubber index, cash settled on an average of rubber prices at eight worldwide exchanges
  • TSR20 rubber, for delivery at Singapore warehouses


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