Osetr-class submarine

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Russian submarine Sig.png
Russian submarine Sig
Class overview
Name: Osetr
Builders: Libau Arsenal, Latvia
Operators: Imperial Russian Navy
In commission: 1905–1913
Completed: 6
Retired: 6
General characteristics
Type: Submarine
  • 153 tons surfaced
  • 187 tons submerged
Length: 22 m
Beam: 3.6 m
Draught: 3.7 m
  • 2 shafts: petrol / electric
  • 2 × 120 hp / 2x65 hp
Speed: 8.5 knots surfaced / 4.5 knots submerged
Complement: 12 (including 2 officers)
Armament: 3 18 inch torpedo tubes (2 bow , 1 stern)

The Osetr class were a group of submarines built for the Imperial Russian Navy during the Russo Japanese War. The boats were ordered in the 1904 emergency programme. The boats were designed by American Engineer Simon Lake and had wheels fitted for moving around on the sea bed as well as wet/dry chambers for divers. The Osetr was the former Protector sold by Lake to the Russians and re-assembeld in Russia. The diving depth was around 30 meters (16 fathoms).


All ships were built by the Lake company at the Libau Arsenal (Latvia) and were launched in 1904

Ship Namesake Service / Fate
Bychok - Бычок Goby Decommissioned 1913
Kefal - Кефаль Mullet Decommissioned 1913
Osetr - Осётр (ex Protector) Sturgeon Decommissioned 1913
Paltus - Палтус Halibut Decommissioned 1913
Plotva Roach Decommissioned 1913
Sig Coregonus Decommissioned 1913


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