Osh Bazaar

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A top view of Osh bazaar

Osh Bazaar (Kyrgyz: Ош базары [oʃ bɑzɑrɯ]) is one of the largest bazaars in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. It is located on the west side of town, and is not far from the Western Bus Station.

At Osh Bazaar, one can buy food products, almost any common household good, clothes, souvenirs, and even musical instruments. Kyrgyz national clothes, which are sold in the national goods section, are mostly sewn at the bazaar at a sewer's guild named "Kyyal" (Kyrgyz: Кыял - "fantasy/dream"), and may be special ordered (for size, colour, etc.) through the bazaar vendors.

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Coordinates: 42°52′30″N 74°34′12″E / 42.875°N 74.570°E / 42.875; 74.570