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Directed by Jovan Zivanovic
Written by Jug Grizelj
Rolf Schulz
Starring Peter Van Eyck
Elke Sommer
Blazenka Katalinic
Tori Jankovic
Distributed by Europix (United States)
Release dates
22 May 1963
Running time
80 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Ostrva (German:Verführung am Meer) is a 1963 German-Yugoslav drama film directed by Jovan Zivanovic and starring Peter Van Eyck, Elke Sommer, Blazenka Katalinic and Tori Jankovic. A young recently divorced German tourist is hired by a concerned mother to visit her son, who is living a hermit life on an island in the Adriatic Sea, and persuade him to come home. Instead she falls in love with him and his life in seclusion.[1]



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