Other Peoples Music

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Other Peoples Music
Remix album by Sneaky Sound System
Released 3 October 2003 (2003-10-03)
Genre Electronic, house
Label Sony
Producer Black Angus, Hesse, Double D and Tricky Nick
Sneaky Sound System chronology
Other Peoples Music'
Sneaky Sound System
(2006)Sneaky Sound System2006

Other Peoples Music is a remix album by Australian dance group Sneaky Sound System. It features remixes of songs by other artists which was released on 3 October 2003 on Sony Music Australia.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Australian Release: Disc 1 [2]
No. Title Length
1. "Oscar - Lo-Fu (Nk)" (Sneaky Sound System, Hachour, David)  
2. "Kraak & Smaak - Money in the Bag" (Sneaky Sound System, Plug)  
3. "Gonzales - This One Jam" (Sneaky Sound System, Catani, Patric)  
4. "Painè - Bene" (Quantic Remix; Sneaky Sound System, Cuadrelli, Minu Pai, Quantic)  
5. "Soul of the Makossa Man - The Panther" (Slow & Local Mix; Sneaky Sound System, Dibango, Manu)  
6. "Kompis - Clouds Instead of Heads" (Original Mix; Sneaky Sound System, Hallen, Carl-Henrik)  
7. "Freaks - Hang Up Your Hang Ups" (Sneaky Sound System, Washington)  
8. "Savannah - 1, 2 Shakumuna" (feat. Rod; Original Mix; Sneaky Sound System, Niangandoumou, Roch)  
9. "Jaymz Nylon - I Know a Place" (feat. Mooney; Shades of Black Remix; Sneaky Sound System, Thomas, J., Shades pf Black)  
10. "Chocolate Brown Coffee - Move for Me" (Sneaky Sound System, Pierson, Simon)  
11. "Blakkat - The Rite Place" (feat. Aswan; Crazy Penis Jackin' The Beanstalk Mix; Sneaky Sound System, Bell, M., Crazy Penis)  
12. "Dissent - Bleeding Together" (Kaskade Remix; Sneaky Sound System, Howe, Gregory, Kaskade)  
13. "Alexi Delano - Round and Round" (feat. Robert Manos; Metro Area Mix; Sneaky Sound System, Delano, Alexi, Metro Area)  
Australian Release: Disc 2 [3]
No. Title Length
1. "The Littlemen - On Time" (Sneaky Sound System, Littlemen)  
2. "Urban Blues Project - Deliver Me" (Hardsoul Keeps on Trying Dub; Sneaky Sound System, Pomeroy, Marc)  
3. "Stacy Kidd - Getting on Down" (Dub; Sneaky Sound System, Kidd, Stacey)  
4. "Roy Davis Jr. - Dance Shake" (Roy's Original Mix; Sneaky Sound System, Davis, Roy Jr.)  
5. "Toka Project - What I Know" (Sneaky Sound System, Riley, Andy)  
6. "E.O.C - Chromatix" (Original Version; Sneaky Sound System, Mitchell, Jeff)  
7. "Malente - The Law Is Wrong" (Sneaky Sound System, Gottsch, Christoph)  
8. "Metro Area - Orange Alert" (DFA Mix; Sneaky Sound System, Geist, Morgan, The DFA)  
9. "Playgroup - Make It Happen" (Zongamin Mix; Sneaky Sound System, Jackson, T., Zongamin)  
10. "Daniel Paul - Outta Space" (Twice Extension; Sneaky Sound System, Paul, Daniel)  
11. "Home & Garden - Roller Disco Theme" (Sneaky Sound System, Tim K Kvasnosky, Tim)  
12. "JohNick - C'mon Give It Up" (Sneaky Sound System)  
13. "Schmoov! - Playground" (Crazy Penis Remix; Sneaky Sound System, Schmoov!, Crazy Penis)  

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalogue
Australia 3 October 2003 Sony CD 5136532000


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