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This is the official catalog of Whack Records. The list is ordered by release number. Original release years are within the parentheses.


Cat. # Artist Title Format Other information
518653536 Sneaky Sound System Sneaky Sound System (2009) CD LP release.
SNEAK1CD Pictures (2008) Single release.
SNEAK1V1 7 inch Vinyl
SNEAK1V2 12 inch Vinyl
SNEAK2V 12 inch Vinyl
WHACK01 Hip Hip Hooray (2004) CD
WHACK02 Tease Me (2005)
WHACK03 I Love It (2006)
WHACK04 Sneaky Sound System (2006) LP release.
WHACK04CE LP Limited edition release.
WHACK05 Pictures (2006) Single release.
WHACK06 UFO (2007)
WHACK07 Goodbye (2007)
WHACK08 Kansas City (2008)
WHACK09 2 (2008) LP release.
WHACK09BONUS Exclusive Limited Edition Bonus Disc (2008) EP release.
WHACK09USB 2 (2008) USB LP release.
WHACK10 When We Were Young (2008) CD Single release.
WHACK11 Kansas City (2008) 12 inch Vinyl
WHACK12 When We Were Young (2008)
WHACK13 16 (2009) CD
WHACK14 12 inch Vinyl
WHACK15 It's Not My Problem (2009) Digital download
WHACKV02 I Love It - Bag Raiders Remix (2006) 12 inch Vinyl
WHACKV03 Pictures (2006)
WHACKV04 UFO (2007)
WHACKV05 Goodbye (2007)

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